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Hello Everyone、

Welcome to our “Japanese lantern selling company”.

Lanterns that you often see at Japanese Festivals we call提灯or “Chochin” in Japanese.

There are many different types of lanterns from all over the world; such as China or Vietnam.

However, Japanese Lanterns (Chochin) are made all by hand!

With much patience they are made to not only give an otherworldly experience but because they also can have names printed on to them. They also act as a major part for companies or events.

The major part of Japanese Culture we know as the “chochin”, not only do we wish to spread it in Japan but also the world! And thus ”Japanese lantern selling company” was created.

Through our Lanterns、we can make your important space more wonderful。

Japanese Lanterns have the power to change the world! This, we believe in.

For those customers looking to ship outside of Japan、

For those who wish to order in English、we have English-speaking staff that are able to take your order!

Feel free to ask us anything!

Japanese Lantern introduction video


Greetings, The charm of Japanese lanterns are that with them you are able to now fold what used to be unfoldable; you can also tell that there is no paste added to the bamboo frame. With this detail, the creation process with using rice paper combined, it makes up a great example of Japanese Culture.

I am confident that these Chochin, still have a major part in the coming generations.

Product List

Long-round Chochin

These are our Large size Chochin. These are commonly used as decorations in front of stores. We can also accept orders for original designs! How about using these to spice up your store or your house interior?

Round Chouchin

These are our round style chochi. With a cute design, these are commonly used in Japanese Festivals.Please give these a try at the festival in your country!We are certain that it will give your event a new fresh feeling to it!

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