Japanese Lantern Selling Company

Warning Points Lanterns

In regards to the receiving of our lanterns

  • ・Because of how delicate our lanterns our, take care when handling them.
  • ・Paper Lanterns, when in contact with water will warm or rip depending on the exposure.
  • ・Vinyl Lanterns may tear due to changes in the weather where the temperature drops.
  • ・Vinyl Lanterns, depending on the change in weather and the materials used to make them the size may also be affected.
  • ・When opening the vinyl lanterns, it is possible that they will stick so it is recommended to open them slowly and carefully. If they are still sticking you can use a hair dryer on the area that is stuck and then you should be able to open them.


Points to Acknowledge about of our Lanterns.

  • ・Lanterns that have oils on them, as time goes by they will become yellowish.
  • ・Lanterns that have been painted on by hand, once you add light in them it is possible that there will be some unevenness in the color.
  • ・Lanterns are prepared by hand one by one by a professional. In the event that you would like to add to the order, it is possible that you will not get an exact looking replica. It should also be noted that under certain circumstances where the product is being discontinued or due to economic problems there may be revisions to the overall price. We ask for your understanding.
  • ・To get font size to be the same as a previous order, we ask that you provide us with something that displays the previous size as well. (Because all of the letters are made one by one by a professional, there is a chance the letters will be of different sizes.)


Other Important Information

    • ・In the case where you would be printing, it is possible that the color printed will not be exactly the same as the last time.
    • ・When printing on lanterns, the part which is stretched may make the design off a little bit so we ask for your understanding.
    • ・The length of the lanterns come in many different sizes so we ask if you are planning specifics that you look at our products and specify which best serves what you wish.
    • ・In the case that there are very few lanterns you wish printed, there is a chance we may decline the printing of it.
    • ・In the case that there is a problem or part of our products that do not meet your standards you are able to return them within 1 week after receiving them.
    • ・When returning the products for such things as rough treatment by the customer or overuse of the product we will not accept the return.