Japanese Lantern Selling Company

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Company Name

Event Twenty One(EVENT21)


Company Name

Event21 Co., Ltd.
Management Philisophy you happy, we happy!
Business Contents Happy Create Company
(Rentals for events; setup, decoration, preporation and strike for events; Event Planning, Working, Sign Creation, and sales; Novelty and Event Item Sales, Design, Japan made Products, International Shipping, Web Advertising)
Sales area All over the World
Available Languages Japanese,English,Vietnamese,Chinese
イベント21 奈良本社 ■Nara Home Office
〒639-0243 Nara-ken,kashiba-shi Fujinomiya 1-3-15
TEL:0745-77-6882 / FAX:0745-77-6981
イベント21 東京支店 ■Tokyo Branch Office
〒114-0014 Tokyo-to Kita-ku Tbata 5-14-13
TEL:03-5834-8892 / FAX:03-5834-8893
イベント21 神奈川支店 ■Kanagawa Branch Office
〒222-0033 Kanagawa-ken Yokohama-shi Kohoku-ku Shinyokohama 1-3-10
TEL:045-595-9388 / FAX:045-595-9387
イベント21 横浜日吉支店 ■Yokohama Hiyoshi Branch Office
〒223-0061 Kanagawa-ken Yokohama-shi Kohoku-ku Hiyoshi 5-23-50
TEL:045-548-6855 / FAX:045-548-6944
イベント21 大阪支店 ■osaka Branch Office
〒533-0013 Osaka, Osaka-shi Higashiyodogawa-ku Toyosato 5-1-9
TEL:06-4862-4602 / FAX:06-4862-4603
イベント21 愛知支店 ■Aichi Branch Office
〒454-0997 Aichi-ken nagoya-shi nakagawa-ku manba 5-2415
TEL:052-485-7050 / FAX:052-485-7051
イベント21 ベトナム支店 ■Vietnam Branch Office
72 Le Thanh Ton and 45A Ly Tu Trong Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1,Ho Chi Minh City.
VINCOM Center Office Tower 14Floor
イベント21 葛城配送センター ■Katsuragi Shipping Center
イベント21 大和高田配送センター ■Takada Shipping Center
Chief Executive Officer Mr. Aiichiro Nakano
148employees (Regulars: 62 / Part-time: 48 / Executive board: 2)
In hopes of creating a better world we hope to provide

  • ・A more convenient and friendly service for our customers
  • ・Pay taxes to local areas and countries,
  • ・Engage in regional vitalization
  • ・Create an environment in which we can make a company environment where our employees can grow and make their dreams come true;
  • ・Give back to society.
Establishment 25/4/1991
Capital Stock 10,000,000JPY
Organization Structure
Administrative Scrivener Commons Notary Public Office
Tax Counselor Homura United Accounting Office
Labor Employee Yoshida Management Office
Main Bank
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Yamato Ooji Office
Nanto Bank Takada Office
Membership Nara Prefecture Small Business Entrepreneurs
Seiwa Cram school
Institute Core value management association