Japanese Lantern Selling Company


  • 1. This purchase agreement applies to any items that are sold by Event21, whose name and price is displayed on the invoice issued by Event21.


  • 2. To make an order, our customer needs to pay the full price of the items to Event21 in advance.


  • 3. By making the payment for an order, the customer accepts that whatever the cause may be, Event21 does not accept any cancellation, refund requests after the payment has been made.


  • 4. Checking the package, its contents and taking the necessary measures if needed is the responsibility of the customer. When receiving the package, the customer needs to check both the package and the items inside, together with the representative of the shipping company, for any kind of deformation, disorder and damage before signing the shipping voucher and thus accepting the package as it is. If by any chance the items happen to be damaged, deformed etc. in any way, then the customer needs to file a compensation request towards the shipping company right on the spot without signing the shipping voucher. Concerning shipping related problems, the customer is responsible for resolving the matter directly with the shipping company that has delivered the package.


  • 5. In case the customer has checked the contents of the package and has found that any of the items are defected, the quantity of the items is different from the quantity displayed on the invoice, the type of items is different from the ones displayed on the invoice etc., and it’s likely that this problem has nothing to do with the shipping, then the customer needs to take some pictures of the problems and send them to Event21 in an e-mail together with a description of the matter right away. Although Event21 can’t accept any refund, compensation requests that are based on our customer’s personal convenience or on any other condition either after the customer has received the package or during shipping, Event21 will investigate all other problems that may have happened before shipping. In case Event21 turns out to be responsible for any of these problems, then Event21 is willing to provide the customer a onetime compensation, weighed by the severity of the matter, up to the maximum cost of the total amount displayed on the customer’s invoice, in the form of sending the customer some or all of the items displayed on the invoice again. Whatever the cause may be, Event21 does not accept any refund requests.


  • 6. Event21 does not take any responsibility for any unforeseen misfortunes, accidents, damages to the delivered items that may have happened during shipping. The customer is required to settle all these matters directly with the shipping company. Event21 is willing to support the customer to get compensation from the shipping company up to the limit of the insurance of the shipment (if there’s any) to a certain extent decided by Event21.


  • 7. Event21 does not bear any responsibility for any misfortunes, accidents etc. that result from the use of the items purchased from Event21.


  • 8. In case any disputes arise between Event21 and the customer, Event21 has the right to nominate the local courthouse that’s the closest to the company’s headquarters as the court of the first instance.


  • 9. Event21 does not bear any responsibility for any losses to the customer, such as the delivered items are not in a condition to fulfill their original purpose etc. , including any kind of accidents during shipping etc.


  • 10. Concerning any items that involve the creation of any designs by Event21, Event21 can accept up to 2 requests for the modification of the design. Starting from the 3rd modification request Event21 will require our customer to pay a modification fee of 5000 JPY for each modification in advance. Of course Even21 has the right to make an exception and set aside the modification fee each time, depending on the details of the modification request.
    # However, the customer needs to accept that starting from the 3rd modification request, Event21 has the right to require a modification fee that exceeds 5000 JPY in case of drastic or time consuming modifications (judged by Event21).


We are shipping masu cups to customers both in Japan and worldwide!


The Masu selling company is shipping masu cups to customers both in Japan and worldwide. Recently we are getting more and more orders from not just individuals, but organizations, Japanese restaurants, international companies making a business opening ceremony Japanese style by opening a barrel of sake and drinking its contents from masu cups. An excellent way of drinking Japanese sake is to do it from a freshly made masu cup. That may be the reason why Japanese people cherish a rather intimate connection with these small wooden boxes from the old times. We would like to share the best parts of traditional Japanese culture with as much people around the globe as possible.