Japanese Lantern Selling Company


Where to use Chochin?

You can use Chochin in many places

For exanple,the stage in a festival.

With Chouchin alone,you can feel The Festival!

There is such an Chouchin

You can use different types of Chochin to decorate the place!

Let’s make restaurant or your house be more beautiful with Chochin.

Not only lantern but also a bit of addition and such feeling!

Have you ever seen Japanese Tradition Lantern (Chochin) at a temple or a shrine?

Chochin are used in any kind of event.

I am using lanterns even at these wedding ceremonies.

A lantern with a family crest is also used in Japanese wedding ceremonies.

Many family put their family crest from past down from generation to generation in Chochin by an old Japanese technique.

There are not only Japanese paper but also vinyl!

I guess I often see you at a pub.

Restaurants also use Chochin as signboard (advertising).

You can also fill your name or any words that you prefer in Chochin!