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What is long Chouchin?

The Classic!Long-round Chochin!!


  • These are one of the most recognizable sytle of Chochin or Japanese lanterns.
  • Nagakata Chochin as they are known in Japanese are named because of their long expanded face.
  • Regardless of the size, these have a large amount of room for letters so they are often used for signs or displays


    • For places they are commonly used, one will find them in front of stores, bars, and festivals making them have a large possibility of use!
    • The Chochin used in festivals like the Obon Odori or Yagura are often these Chochin!
    • Small sized Chochin are often placed along the street signs and in large numbers they are a breathtaking sight!
    • Also being used outside of bars there is no mistaking that 1m or larger chochin will definitely prove as a way of bringing in customers and advertising your company!



  • Rice Paper types are unfortunately east to be dampened and ripped when in contact with water. They are all made carefully one by one and so the ones made from rice paper are true great symbols of “The Japanese” lantern.





  • Vinyl type chochin are a lot stronger in the rain and recommended when advertising outdoors.
  • We also have two colors available in white or red
  • If it is your wish we can also do orders of both colors





USD $18.00~
Daisun Marunaga

(Large Size)28×57×61cm

USD $35.00~


USD $32.00~

(Large Size)38×68×78cm

USD $60.00~